Michael R. Munsey, MD

About Dr. Michael R. Munsey

Dr. Michael R. Munsey is a board-certified physician in family medicine. He received his medical degree from Medical College of Georgia and completed residency in family medicine at Anderson Area Medical Center in South Carolina.

Education & Training

  • Medical Degree, Medical College of Georgia
  • Residency, Family Practice, Anderson Area Medical Center

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Board Certified, Family Medicine
  • Member, American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Member, Georgia Academy of Family Physicians

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Resident of the Year, S.C. Academy of Family Physicians, 2004
  • Pediatric Resident of the Year, Dept. of Pediatrics, Anderson Family Practice Residency, 2003
  • Resident of the Quarter, Anderson Family Practice Residency, 2002

Special Interests

  • Family Medicine

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